Bridgena Barnard Personnel Group (BBPG) supports the corporate and SMME sectors by supplying high performing talent, thoroughly screened candidates and align all our recruitment processes within the framework of South African legislation.

Established in 1992, as a Cape Town based recruitment agency, we have now progressed to have a national footprint in South Africa.

We utilise a unique search methodology and yield results within 48 hours.

After more than 25 years in the industry, servicing businesses, BBPG has developed from an exclusive recruitment agency to a recruitment company with add on services that includes verification; risk assessment and corporate design.


Corporate division:

  • We offer multi-national and international entities with specific needs, projects or processes. Bulk recruitment for, eg a new sales team.
  • Executive searches, recruitment and selection executed, primarily in-service level agreements (SLA) or preferred supplier list (PSL) processes.

SMME Division:

  • Our small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMME) division focusses on specific needs of the SMME industry and delivers within their price/product range.
  • Recruitment, selection and specific projects form a part of the SMME services offered to you and could even be on your premises.
  • Alternatively, your SMME company can rent a recruiter for your business on a temporary basis or more regular.

Verification of Info / HR Compliance and Testing:

  • Credit check for adverse records;
  • Qualification confirmation for local and international institutions;
  • Drivers licences and restrictions;
  • Criminal offences and pending cases;
  • Identification of citizenship / ID / marital status and
  • Psychometric assessments by partnering with registered psychologists.

Corporate Design

BBPG has incorporated a graphic design studio to offer our clients and candidates with the following:

  • Financial year-end reports;
  • Social media post designs;
  • Sales pitches and reports;
  • Presentations;
  • Agendas;
  • Proposals;
  • CV design and
  • Any miscellaneous design work that your company does not have time for.